2016 Toyota Camry Redesign Review

Wednesday, December 11th 2013. | Toyota, Toyota Corolla

2016 toyota camry is a new car that will come with a new impression that will certainly be loved by Camry’s fans. Since the very first appearance of Camry car series back then in the year of 1981, there are quite a lot of people that make the car to be their favorite. For the year of 2016, it seems that the number of fans of this car will increase because this series is announced to own a better quality of luxury. This way, the car is even more suitable for those who always prefer to choose not only stylish but also luxurious 2016 Toyota Camry design.

2016 Toyota Camry new concept pictures

Interior Design of Toyota Camry 2016 Series

Even it is so clear that the exterior of this 2016 toyota camry looks sleek and luxurious with its dark exterior color options it cannot be denied that stronger luxury impression of this car can be seen in the interior design more than the exterior design. One thing found to be interesting in this interior is that the luxury impression seems to be combined perfectly with futuristic touches as seen from the choice of interior color applied to it which is mostly white. In overall, the interior is perfectly fabulous, especially because a lot of high-tech feature place to adorn this room too. With all luxury details like this, it seems to be quite impossible for this 2016 Toyota Camry not to be sold in a rather high price.

Better Engine for Better Quality Performance

One more plus point that can be found in 2016 toyota camry is that it comes with a new and better engine that results to a better quality performance. This engine is a 2.5L 4-cyl engine that is known to produce about 178 horsepower, which is in fact slightly more powerful than the previous series of Camry. This engine is completed with 6-speed acceleration with automatic transmission.